“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”
Aristotle (384-322 BC)

The Wisdom Well is a unique program that supports you in connecting to and strengthening your innate inner wisdom. In today’s fast paced world, leaders need to reconnect to their deeper wisdom in support of their decision-making, leadership and wellbeing.

At Evolutionary Intelligence we understand that you are a leader who values, embodies and promotes self awareness, deeper engagement and a purpose-driven culture in your business. This can be a difficult path to navigate as you create a new paradigm within your own organisation. As such, you find value in time and space to gather with other like-minded leaders to share your challenges and successes and continue your own personal growth.

The Wisdom Well Circles are a modern-day response to the needs of the leaders of today. Based on wisdom of the ancients and integrated with knowledge found in today’s scientific discoveries.

Having worked with hundreds of leaders in a wide variety of organisations and industries, we recognise that leaders from today are looking for more support in their quest for a more connected, conscious form of leadership. The Wisdom Well has been created for exactly that purpose.

For thousands of years, leaders have gathered in circles to discuss and reflect on the issues, challenges and celebrations experienced by their people and communities. Creative solutions were found, relationships were deepened by trust, collaboration, personal growth and a space where exploration of ideas was encouraged.

These circles provided a place for wisdom and knowledge to intertwine, as challenges and celebrations were viewed from both a higher perspective and in the detail.

The Wisdom Well Circle is a place for leaders to gather, reflect on and share their journeys.

It is for individuals that recognise they have a profound impact not only on their business, family or community, but the world at large.


The Wisdom Well Circles are facilitated small groups (max 12 per group) that support deep sharing and learning.

Each circle is unique, as it will be a reflection of the collective energy, ideas and spirit of the group.

The intention of the Circle is to facilitate a deep and embodied understanding and practice of the 5 Keys to Evolutionary Intelligence, which are:


This is the cornerstone of great leadership. What are the beliefs, habits and stories that we hold? Get grounded and present, and notice how this supports mental clarity and productivity.

  Self Regulation

Recognise and value feelings as information, and choose responses with consciousness and self responsibility.

• Connection

Listen and communicate with an open heart to develop relationships of trust and collaboration.

• Purpose

Live and work with ease, flow and meaning in order to have a conscious impact on the world within and around us.

• Integration

 When we integrate all four of the above keys, we activate our Evolutionary Intelligence.

You can download a brochure with more information here.

Please contact us for further information, dates and times.


During The Wisdom Well Circle we will be exploring themes that support you in the challenges you face as a leader.

These will include:

  Circle and Space

Creating a space where trust is built and allows people to communicate authentically.

  The Power of Presence

What does it mean to be truly present with colleagues, clients and your broader network?

  Exploring Conscious Leadership

What does it mean to you? How can it help you in your role or with your business strategy?

  Understanding Group Dynamics and Authentic Communication

Two vital areas for influencing the performance of individuals and a team.


What other forces are at play in leadership?
The effect that the beliefs, feelings and energy of others have on you and how to manage and leverage them for the greater good.

  Embodied Values

How as leaders you can truly embody your own personal values and those of     the organisation, and encourage and build a values-based culture.

  Creativity and Innovation

How do you create a culture that not only values creativity and innovation, but brings it alive in your day to day business life?


How to determine and embody your purpose and the context it holds for your leadership.