Experience powerful shifts in communication,        

                          relationships, culture and performance.


Experience powerful shifts in communication, relationships, culture and performance.


Evolutionary Intelligence empowers conscious change through personal development.

We design and deliver embodied learning and development programs.


The Evolutionary Intelligence Process is a process that takes us out of our heads and into our hearts and bodies. The results are deep and sustainable.

This is not just mental work, it involves all of you – mind, body, heart and spirit.


The Evolutionary Intelligence Process is an embodied and structured process that takes us out of our heads and into our heart and bodies.

In our personal development pathway, the concepts we discover require discipline, rigour and commitment to become fully integrated into our daily lives. It is all about creating new habits, because whatever we practice we become good at.

You may already have your own practices and some understanding of the concepts we explore.

We have a tried and tested process that we lead individuals and teams through so we can ensure the embodiment and sustainability of the work. No matter how much you’ve already discovered, you’ll find that having an experienced facilitator supporting you with a structured and integrated process, allows you to continually discover more. As you deepen your wisdom, you’ll find you can live more and more according to your ideals, and communicate with clarity and authenticity.


Our Evolutionary Intelligence Process is based on the fundamental way that humans operate.

It’s based on the 5 Keys to Evolutionary Intelligence:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Regulation
  • Connection
  • Purpose
  • Integration

The Keys provide a structured roadmap along the path from our fear-based biology and culture, towards greater consciousness, connection and love.

Find out more about our 5 Keys.

The Evolutionary Intelligence Process is supported by the latest developments in:


  • neuroscience,
  • psychotherapy,
  • mindfulness and
  • indigenous wisdom.


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Working with Andrew has been the most incredible experience for our team. For many years we had a culture of not speaking up or being straightforward. Creating the environment where people feel comfortable to speak their mind without fear of being judged has dramatically shifted how we all work together and has created a whole new dynamic between us.
Lauren Ayers

CEO, Integro Learning Company

I would highly recommend this course to any company that is looking to improve its dynamics and its teams and the results that they can produce. Excellent.
Yasmine Grey

QMI Solutions, Grey Media

The best personal development and education program I have experienced as a person and professional. The content is as valuable in terms of being a better person as in terms of being a better professional.
Grant Wallace

Partner, WallaceHMW

I met Andrew at a time in my 24 year business life where it seemed that everything was crumbling around me. I was in a bad place. My first session with Andrew introduced me to a new sense of calmness, one that would take me on a new life experience and one that would help me to get through the toughest time in my life.
Rocky Cassiniti

Partner, Valley Edge