Body Focussing is an excellent way to begin tapping into the unique intelligence that our bodies hold. Our Body is like the ultimate biofeedback device, if we learn to listen to it.

As we feel into the wisdom of our Body, we can notice how we are feeling at any given moment. It brings us into the present moment, and provides reliable, authentic information about any situation, feeling, person or decision.

The Body holds within it all sensory and emotional memories from your past experience. It is also the seat of intuition.

When we learn to trust the Body, we find ourselves able to make decisions based on our whole truth. In alignment with our Mind, Heart and Spirit, we bring ourselves into integrity through listening deeply and caring deeply for ourselves.

Find a quiet space with some uninterrupted time for yourself.

You can begin by setting an intention around this meditation. It can be useful to listen to whatever is being currently held in your body, or it may be useful to ask a specific question of your body.

In order to bring yourself to the present moment, do the grounding exercise.

Either sitting or lying, make yourself comfortable. Take a few deep breaths, closing your eyes.

Bring your attention to your body, with the intention of listening deeply to yourself. Focus your attention on 4 specific places in turn – your throat, your heart, solar plexus and gut.

Notice any feelings or sensations that are present in these areas. One of the areas will draw your attention particularly. Stay with that one, and greet it like an old friend.

Imagine that you are sitting down at the kitchen table with this old friend. You are giving your “friend” your full attention, listening to its story with your presence.

See if you can name the sensation or feeling. The words and feelings lists are useful here.  There may be one or two words, or a phrase. Once you have found the words that describe your feeling or sensation, check in with your body and ask it if your words are correct.

If the words are correct, you will notice a subtle change in the feeling or sensation. It may become stronger, or it may dissipate, or change in some other way. All there is to do now, is stay with the feeling. Be patient, and allow the process to unfold.

If your body doesn’t respond to your words, keep trying until it does.

If you feel drawn, you can ask the feeling what it needs. There may be words or pictures, or feelings that arise when you ask this. Be patient, allowing the wisdom to surface.

When you are ready, thank your friend/body. Tell it you will be back, then come slowly out of the meditation.

After the exercise as you are going about your day, remember to hold yourself with compassion. This is a process that continues to unfold once you begin it.

Stay in tune with your body, and listen to its deep wisdom.