At Evolutionary Intelligence we design and deliver embodied learning and development experiences and programs.


Our programs are tailor-made to your requirements and include the latest understanding of neuroscience, emotional intelligence and the practice of Presence. We have developed an embodied learning process that has supported hundreds of people to access and consciously work with their innate “Evolutionary intelligence”.

The Evolutionary Intelligence Process is a process that takes us out of our heads and into our hearts and bodies. What we know from mindfulness research and neuroscience is that when we are present and grounded, we have access to the complete human system; think (brain), feel (heart) and know (gut), which allows us to process information and make choices in a completely different way.

As the focus is on embodied learning, results are deep and sustainable. This is not just mental work, it involves the whole person -mind, body, heart and spirit.

Learning and practicing with the Evolutionary Intelligence Process results in the following outcomes for individuals and organisations:

  • communicate with awareness and choice, resulting in more robust and authentic conversations
  • recognise and move beyond unhelpful behaviours and thought patterns
  • connect with and learn to trust deep intuition to achieve greater levels of personal creativity, innovation and collaboration
  • improve resilience and mental fitness by learning to be present to, value and respond in appropriate ways to thoughts, feelings and body sensations as they arise


Our Facilitators offer programs that are unique and invite deep and sustainable learning.

They also offer consulting services, coaching, team facilitation and keynote speaking in the area of personal and organisational change.

In addition, Jackie offers the opportunity to experience the 5 Keys to Evolutionary Intelligence through the unique Equine Assisted Learning. You can find out more on her blog, The Wisdom of the Horse.


In addition to the programs below, we offer a range of products that are tailor-made to your needs.

These include one day communication or mindfulness workshops and retreats.

Cultural Alignment Program

Leadership Development Program

Leadership Coaching and Mentoring


Programs For You here.