You know how you always feel energised after spending time with one particular friend, but you’re not sure why? Or how being with another person often leaves you feeling drained or tired?

Western science, through the field of quantum physics, now understands that we are energy. Every interaction we have with someone else involves an energetic exchange. These interactions take place constantly, but most of us aren’t consciously aware of the energetic ‘conversations’ we’re having with others.

By becoming fully present and listening to our body’s unique intelligence, we can develop moment-to-moment awareness of what we’re doing with our own energy and how our energy is interacting with others. And that’s empowering, because we can consciously choose how we want our energy to interact with others.

Once we are aware of our energetic reaction to someone, we can choose to change our reaction. We can modulate our energy in any given situation.

The EI program gives you the tools to understand and become aware of energy. As you become more present, your EnergeticPresence will change. As you choose to respond differently, the responses of the people around you will also change.

Energetic Presence is integral to Evolutionary Intelligence.

The Grounding Process is the main exercise the Evolutionary Intelligence program uses to help you develop Energetic Presence. The process develops:

  • focus and attention
  • the Observer Self
  • awareness of the inner world
  • calmness and clarity of mind
  • happiness
  • the time and space needed to be able to choose our responses.

Presence is the art of being fully in the moment. Because the past and the future exist only inside our minds, right now is the only place we can ever actually be. The Grounding Process helps you practise focusing your attention on your inner and outer worlds, moment by moment.

Cultivating presence creates the internal perception that time slows down. Instead of reacting immediately to an external event, we find there’s time to notice what’s happening inside and outside of us. Then we can choose a response that’s aligned with our values.

Presence is both the journey and the destination. Through Presence, we realise that we’re witnessing events as they unfold. How we view those events is up to us – we get to choose which filter or lens we see them through.

Presence facilitates the development of the Observer Self – that part of us that can observe our thoughts, feelings and sensations without being swept up in them.

Energetic Presence is the foundation of Evolutionary Intelligence and a way of being that allows integration of Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit. As we develop knowledge and understanding of our energetic intelligence we find not only that our mind can become more present, but also our body, heart and spirit.

As we increase our Energetic Presence, we find we also improve our mastery of the 5 pillars of Evolutionary Intelligence:

  • Self awareness
  • Self regulation
  • Empathy/Engagement/Connection
  • Motivation/Purpose
  • Integrity/Integration.

Energetic Presence is the ultimate gift you can bring to your work, your family and relationships, your community and yourself. Through Energetic Presence, you bring the gift of your unique essence into each moment.

We greatly underestimate the power of combining mindfulness practices with awareness of our body’s energetic intelligence. Energetic Presence deeply affects the person embodying it and creates a ripple effect for people around them.