When we speak to different groups and work in organisations we are often asked what Evolutionary intelligence is, so we thought we would spread the word a little wider.

For many years now we have heard of the importance of EQ or Emotional Intelligence. There has been a lot of great research done in the field by people such as Daniel Goleman and others. There is an increasing awareness of the importance and value of EQ both in our personal lives as well as our business lives.

At EI, we work with our clients to develop a deeper understanding of EQ which ultimately leads to the unlocking of our Evolutionary Intelligence.

What does this look like??

Through the incredible research being done at places like the Heartmath Institute, there is a greater understanding that our Intelligence is not limited to our brains – and is in fact a much bigger and more complex system that involves the brain, heart and gut.

In short EI is an embodied process that takes us out of our heads and into our bodies.

When we are present and grounded we have access to the complete system which allows us to process information and make choices in a completely different way.

At EI, we teach that this system allows us to think (brain), feel (heart) and know (gut). When these 3 parts of the system are working together we can access our individual Evolutionary Intelligence which serves not only us as individuals, but has the ability to transform all those we connect with.

Through the practice of presence which supports self awareness, and then through our ability to self regulate we gain access to our deeper knowing and wisdom that lies within each us and is available to us at all times.

So the first step on the path to unlocking our Evolutionary Intelligence is Self Awareness. This is the cornerstone to any of our programs or processes.

If you would like more info about how this may look for you or your organisation we would be happy to chat.

You may also enjoy our Power of Presence workshops where we offer the unique experience of Equine Assisted Learning to support your understanding and embodiment of your own Evolutionary Intelligence.