What’s the Link Between Grounding and Mindfulness?

Last time I shared some information about 9 specific qualities that have been shown scientifically to be enhanced by mindfulness practice.

Here they are again:
1. Emotional Balance
2. The ability to pause before you act
3. Insight
4. Empathy
5. Fear modulation
6. Intuition – the ability to listen to your body
7. The ability to act according to the greater good
8. Body regulation – balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system
9. The ability to resonate with others, being open to their communication.
(Dr. Daniel Siegel, The Mindful Brain, 2015)

I find that list inspiring. Yes please, more please!!

So just how can we bring more of these into our life? What is mindfulness and how can we get started?

Well, turns out that by cultivating a daily practice, we begin to notice the immediate benefits – an improvement in our state, as well as changing the structure of our brain so that these qualities become traits.

Evolutionary Intelligence’s grounding meditation is the perfect way to become more mindful.

Mindfulness is described as “paying attention to the present moment, without judgement”. Grounding brings us into the present moment, connects us with our body and allows us to just BE for a moment, without judgement or story.

Most mindfulness practices use an anchor for our thoughts. Most often, this anchor is the breath – it brings our attention to our body and provides a reliable focus point for our mind.

As you ground, you may find that it suits you to refocus on your breath and use it as an anchor for your mind. Or you may prefer focusing on your feet. Or on the bodily sensations as you ground – tingling, tightness, spaciousness, flow, whatever is there.

Choose an anchor, and as you notice your mind wandering (which is normal!), just bring it back to your anchor. This is mindfulness. The noticing and bringing back of the attention – without judgement.

Try to do this every day (find a set time that works for you). Set an intention to ground every day for a week – 10 minutes. And see how you feel.