Resilience and Communication, From Good to Great


At Evolutionary Intelligence, we support businesses and Individuals to make the shift from good to great. 
We understand that no matter the industry, communication and relationships form the backbone of any successful business.

Personal development is a key aspect of business success. It’s importance lies in the opportunity for each person to grow as an individual, which in turn brings them greater clarity around their motivations, engagement, purpose and behaviours. Emotional Intelligence is increasingly being seen and acknowledged as a cornerstone to effective leadership and managing relationships.

Our unique approach blends the latest scientific understanding of humans and how we function including neuropsychology, epigenetics and ancient wisdom. We have developed simple and user friendly frameworks that maximize the learning experience as well as ensuring ease of understanding and integration.




The program is structured around our 5 keys to Evolutionary intelligence:

  • Self Awareness – What are the beliefs, habits and stories that we hold? Which ones support us to thrive and which don’t?
  • Self Regulation – Recognise and value feelings as information. Become more able to choose responses with consciousness and self-responsibility.
  • Connection – Be in relationship with others with trust and collaboration. Listen and communicate with an open heart. Express what you need.
  • Purpose – Live and work with ease, flow, meaning and enthusiasm in order to have a conscious impact on the world within and around us.
  • Integration – When we integrate all four of the above keys, we activate our Evolutionary Intelligence


Our program facilitates a deeper understanding of each of these 5 keys, and their importance within the business and personal contexts.

The Structure of the program consists of 6 business-coaching sessions of between 1 to 1.5 hrs. per session, with follow up calls as needed in between.