My experience in working with individuals and businesses has shown how little we understand of who we are and how we function. By “who we are”, I mean the different aspects of us that make up the incredible beings we truly are.

In my experience, it is when we understand the different aspects of ourselves and integrate them into our daily lives, that we truly come alive and lead lives that give us meaning and purpose.

Today I would like to briefly touch on our mind and what it is.

The starting place is to understand the mind and to bring self awareness to our daily lives. This is a fundamental key to both personal and professional growth. Without awareness nothing can change. Awareness gives us the understanding that we have a choice in each moment as to whether we react or respond. It also reminds us that presence in this moment is all we really have. We can affect our future by what we do in this moment.

One key element of understanding our mind is to know the different parts of it. Simply put, our mind is made up of our brain, our heart and our gut. All of these parts of us have networks of neurons and when functioning as a unit give us clarity, insight and understanding. It is when we rely only on our brain (and often just a small part of it) that we feel confused, stressed and disconnected.

Unfortunately due to stresses, both real and perceived, we spend the majority of our lives living from the reactive area of our brains. Science tells us that we spend about 80% of the time living in our unconscious or subconscious mind. Simply put, we are not present in this moment and are living in fear of the past or the future.

Only we can change this, as our reaction or response is a choice that we make, often from an unconscious place. Awareness allows us to begin to open the door to understanding what is really happening in our inner world at any given moment.

As a starting point I introduce people to a simple grounding exercise. You can access this by signing up to our newsletter below. This begins the process of reconnecting with all of your mind and allows you to begin to create what you really want.

Maybe one of your goals this year could be to understand more about who you are and how you function. How to bring all of yourself to work and your family without feeling like you need to leave bits behind.

I look forward to continuing our conversation about all of you.