At Evolutionary Intelligence, one of our aims is to help you find balance between all aspects of yourself – Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit. In order to achieve more balance, the Evolutionary Intelligence program guides you in various ways to achieving increased levels of Energetic Presence.

For us, Energetic Presence is an embodied state of being. One of the ways to increase this Presence is to become aware of the unique intelligence of the Body as the ultimate biofeedback device. In order to access this intelligence, we need to develop a high awareness of bodily sensations.

Neuroscience has uncovered a very interesting, and perhaps surprising link between bodily sensations and empathy – a quality of Heart.

In the cortex of your brain lies an area named the insula. The insula experiences and recognises bodily sensations. Interestingly, people with active insulae also have high levels of empathy.

Directing your attention to your body is known to strengthen the insula, which in turn improves the ability to have empathy for others…..

As leaders, we can be thankful for this small area of our brain – empathy is crucial for building relationships, staying connected with others, building trust and gives us insight into what others are feeling and thinking.

And increasing our bodily awareness brings us more into the state of Energetic Presence. Importantly, becoming aware of what our body is telling us is a necessary component to being in full integrity and staying true to ourselves. The body never lies!