Do you struggle with integrating all you have learned into your everyday life?

Do you feel like you are juggling so much that you can’t really be present in your life with the people you love?

Do you lack a clear purpose that energises and excites you every day?

Do you want to wake up with a sense of purpose each day?

Would you like to create deeper and more meaningful connection?

Do you dream of feeling calmer, more resilient and more present?

Do you want to wake up with a sense of purpose each day?

Would you like to create deeper and more meaningful connection?

Do you dream of feeling calmer, more resilient and more present?

What does the FP2P Course cover?

NOTE: The first four modules can be purchased separately, or as part of the whole course.

We have a tried and tested process that we’ll lead you through. No matter how much you’ve already discovered, you’ll find that having a structured and integrated process will allow you to deepen your wisdom so that you can live more and more according to your ideals.

Module 1: The Power of Presence

The power of presence

The choices we have in each moment

Understanding how our energy impacts those around us

Module 2: Managing Our Story

How our beliefs shape our reality

What feelings are and how to manage them

The full story of our mind: Brain, Heart and Gut

Managing conflict

Module 3: Creating Connection

How to change our story to one that serves us

Asking for what we need, a win win scenario

Clarity around our personal values

Understanding the power of our heart

Module 4: Life on Purpose

Why is purpose important and what it is

How to use our purpose to create ease flow and enthusiasm

Creating the conscious impact we want

Module 5: Lasting change

Using our values as advisors

Deep dive into our energetic blueprint

Fully embodying our new paradigm

Course Structure – Here’s What You Get

This is a self paced program – you can complete it at your leisure.

The full course content includes five videos:

  • The Power of Presence
  • Managing Our Story
  • Creating Connection
  • Life on Purpose
  • Lasting Change

Audio content for each video is provided, so you can listen on the go, as well as a pdf transcription eBook if you prefer to read, for each module.

Audios of the experiential exercises to use whenever you need, so you can always return to presence, awareness, connection and purpose if you need a reminder.

Copies of the slides used in the videos.

There will also be some exercises for you to complete after the videos, to further integrate and personalise your learning.

Purchasers of the Full Course also get:

The fifth module (not available for separate purchase), Lasting Change. This helps you to further integrate your learning into your everyday life.

Access to a variety of online resources from people we admire, which will further inspire you along your personal development pathway.

Weekly emails to help keep you on track for 5 weeks after purchase.

Access to the From Presence to Purpose Facebook closed group for further support and to keep you focussed.

Payment via Paypal when you join (you can use your credit card, too if you don’t have a Paypal account).

Your Presenter – Andrew Leitch

From speaking engagement and executive coaching to retreats alongside indigenous healers, Andrew guides people to actualise their health, wellbeing and performance potential. He is passionate about ancient indigenous wisdom and the nexus between their wisdom and the latest scientific breakthroughs.

Andrew believes that our connection to our purpose and the energy that this connection gives us, is the fast track to tapping into our creative genius, our most connected and engaged states, and our fullest human potential. He combines the latest scientific research with indigenous wisdom. Together with open discussion about the power of spirit, heart, body and mind, he ventures deep into the heart of the business world with powerful and surprising results.

Andrew began his career as an internationally regarded professional dancer, performing in some of the most prestigious venues in the world. After 15 years on stage, Andrew studied psychotherapy. Andrew pursued his passion to bring together ancient indigenous knowledge and spent extensive time with the indigenous people of Australia and abroad, whilst completing formal training as a Body Psychotherapist with the Institute of Energy Science.

Andrew is a regular presenter at Eden Health Retreat and is invited to present at various conferences, retreats and workshops.

In addition to his work with individuals and organisations, Andrew leads retreats alongside Indigenous healers to Central Australia through his other business, Spirit Adventure Tours.