Presence, a.k.a. mindfulness is one of the ultimate aims of our leadership development programs and coaching programs. To remain completely present in the moment with awareness, allows us to make choices that are aligned with our personal, community and organisational values and goals.

In addition, Presence allows us to be fully in integrity with ourselves so that we are choosing our responses consciously.

One of the most powerful outcomes of increasing Presence is trust.  Trust asks us to be clear about who we are being in each moment, not only what we are doing. If there is a lack of integrity between our being and our doing, trust can remain elusive.

We can view trust as a transactional need. One which revolves around what we do for each other and whether what is done meets our expectations. These expectations often remain unstated and unclear, and when the actions don’t meet our expectations, we are disappointed and find it a little harder to trust.

However, trust begins way earlier than any transaction. It begins with our ability to show up being who we really are in each moment. We can intuitively feel when a person’s way of being and doing are aligned.

Trust begins with our Energetic Presence. If we are able to be present with what is true for us and show that to another, whether a client, a colleague or our partner, it allows them to see us for who we truly are- a human being…………. just like them, with all their incredible gifts as well as their vulnerabilities and challenges.

Not only can others trust us more when we are present, but we learn to trust ourselves too. When we can presence and align all parts of ourselves – Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit, we come to a sense of inner confidence. We know that how we show up and what actions we take are true for us, born out of a deep sense of integrity and true self expression.

Presence is where trust is born.

Here is a beautiful video about trust, which inspired this post. We hope you will enjoy it.

Why Trust Is Worth It….