Many programs offer insight into personality and behaviours. At Evolutionary Intelligence, we believe that these are literally the tip of the iceberg. By looking at what underpins people’s needs and values, we are able to access what truly motivates people and therefore facilitate greater change.

All of our programs are based on the 5 Keys to Evolutionary Intelligence.



Through the practice of Presence, we explore:

Mind and Self-Awareness: What are the beliefs, habits and stories that we hold?

Body and Self-Regulation: Recognise and value feelings as information. Become more able to choose responses with consciousness and self-responsibility.

Heart and Connection: be in relationship with others with trust and collaboration, listen and communicate with an open heart. Express what you need.

Spirit and Purpose: Live and work with ease, flow and meaning in order to have a conscious impact on the world within and around us.

Integration: When we integrate all four of the above keys, we activate our Evolutionary Intelligence.


In order to get to the core of the issues we are working on, we engage at the level of what we call our Fundamental Operating System or FOS. This is who we truly are and how we really function as humans. Our FOS underlies our beliefs and values, behaviours and personality. By becoming aware of it, we begin to take responsibility for ourselves in a new and profound way.

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