When we enter an organisation and start to delve into their culture, we always help them identify their underlying values as the very first step we take together. As a business that works with other organisations in their cultural alignment, we have to practice what we preach! So we are going to do the same thing here. We are going to share the clarity we have around the underlying values of our business.

Within every organisation, values provide a reference and the primary filter for all involved within that business, regardless of its size.

This point of reference allows for discussions around behaviours that support (or not) the values of the business. The values serve as a compass for us to have conversations and make decisions about our future direction. Understanding and living the values of a business also brings clarity to the “Why, How and What” we do as a business.

The values inherent in any business are often unconsciously played out. Many businesses have chosen to use complex, long mission statements, which are all too often forgotten by most, leading to a level of disengagement and lack of direction and purpose.

There is great value in openly stating values up front, and once alive and thriving within the business, they translate into greater clarity in engagement and relationships both internally, with external providers, and our end client.

At Evolutionary Intelligence our values are:

  1. Authenticity
  2. Courage
  3. Freedom
  4. Collaboration
  5. Kindness

Our Why, How and What, is underpinned by the business values:

Why? We are passionate about inspiring and empowering people to reach their fullest human potential

How? By facilitating balance between Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit through the 5 Keys to Evolutionary Intelligence

What? By delivering personal, leadership and cultural development programs for the 21st century based on scientific facts, indigenous wisdom and Energetic Presence.

An environment of open and honest communication is encouraged and deeply valued. It is necessary in order for each individual, the business, and the Evolutionary Intelligence community as a whole, to flourish. Our values of authenticity, courage and kindness are reference points for us all as we collaborate on and in the business.

We have agreed to hold ourselves and each other to the following intentions, in recognition that any relationship is a combination of ease and flow, together with more challenging moments:

  • We recognise that we create our reality, and as such, no blame or fault can be found with anyone else. Rather, we look to understand our own part in any dynamics and accept feedback and support from others as needed.
  • We value personal boundaries and intend to speak up with kindness, courage and authenticity when needing to ask something of others.
  • When we meet, we agree to bring all of our Presence to the table. This means ‘presencing’ anything that may be hindering this, so that we can become fully present in the moment.
  • We strive for authenticity in our relating.
  • We choose to stay in the creative flow.

Whether you already know your values (personally or professionally) or whether you are at the very beginning of this journey, we would love to hear from you and connect on this topic so please leave a comment or get in touch.

Stay grounded & present