At EI we believe that a commitment to our personal development is paramount to living a life of meaning and purpose and creating a sense of wellbeing. We are passionate about supporting people to understand how they function and how they may be able to show up more authentically in all aspects of their life.

Our expertise is in supporting individuals in their personal growth. We recognise that we all have many roles in our lives and sometimes these roles present us with challenges that we may not feel fully equipped to deal with and move through. It is for this reason we have developed programs that bring relevance to those roles and to the struggle that you may be experiencing.

We view each role as offering an opportunity to grow and learn more about ourselves.

You may be in a leadership role and want to improve your interpersonal skills and learn how to better respond to the challenges you face daily, or a parent looking to understand how to better respond to your children when things are really testing you. Or it may be that you are at a particular point in your life that requires you to look at the way you have been doing things and make a shift. It might be just time to understand yourself and what drives you, more deeply.

We know that all of the contexts above present their own unique problems and situations. There is however one thing in common with all of them and that is that you have a choice to use them as an opportunity to grow and learn more about who you are, or not.

Our goal is to offer you the support you need within the context that is most challenging you. For that reason we offer our work within a business context, which includes tailored leadership and cultural programs. The other option is that you may just want to learn more of who you really are.

Whatever the context our frameworks provide you with a set of simple and effective tools to navigate the way forward with a greater sense of ease and flow.

We look forward to chatting with you to find out what area of your life is really challenging you and how we might be able to support you.