Why Evolutionary Intelligence?


Our programs are based on the fundamental way that humans operate. They provide a roadmap along the path from our fear-based biology and culture, towards greater consciousness, connection and love.

We stand at a crossroad for our planet – do we continue down the path of fear, or are we able to galvanise ourselves and evolve towards greater understanding of ourselves, one another and our world?

We have supported business leaders from a diverse range of backgrounds and industries to become more self-aware, be able to self-regulate, connect and communicate better and find their unique purpose.

Through tailor-made programs for you, or your business, we will support you to make the changes you want to see, and achieve the personal and business success you desire. Communication and relationships are central to any business – the business leaders of today know the value of gaining the skills to inspire, motivate and support those around them. Not only will your stakeholders and employees benefit, but your personal relationships will, too – whether we are talking about your significant other, your children or your community…but most importantly, your relationship with yourself will be transformed!


Evolutionary Intelligence empowers conscious change through personal development.


Our initiatives are supported by the latest developments in:

  • neuroscience,
  • psychotherapy,
  • mindfulness and
  • indigenous wisdom.

We facilitate shifts in collective communication, culture and performance, by programs designed to empower and support individuals along their personal development pathway.


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