As humans, when we set ourselves a new goal, we generally begin that journey with great enthusiasm.

Over time the enthusiasm can begin to wane, and in many cases after a month or two the goal seems nothing more than a distant memory that became too hard or unrealistic.

Ever have this happen to you?

At Evolutionary Intelligence, we find this is a common issue faced by people and organisations. Feelings of frustration, overwhelm and disempowerment are commonly associated with this process. These feelings are debilitating and so the familiar pattern of looking to create something new begins again…. and so on and so on.

People may change some superficial aspects of their lives or an organisation may undergo a restructure, but how many times does that feel like change for the sake of change but nothing actually has shifted?

One of the primary causes for this cycle is that people or organisations do not let go of what is standing between what they are creating now and what they are wanting to create in the future.

Underlying what currently exists are beliefs and the underlying energy that formed this reality.

It is a simple energetic equation: if we are holding more energy of the old beliefs and old ways, then there is no room for the new ones to flow into existence. So trying to create something new with existing beliefs and the old energy is near impossible and very frustrating!!

Nature shows us perfectly how the creation process works.

If we observe the life cycle of a tree for example, the tree will let go of leaves, and branches throughout its life. It knows that is required for new growth to occur. The tree never attempts to hold onto every part of itself that it has created. This letting go process may be seasonal or occur within another rhythm. It is a deliberate act of letting go that enables the new to thrive.

So in our personal or business lives, what are we needing to let go of, to enable us to create what we are hoping to create?

What can you let go of right now to create the space for the new to emerge?

If you wish to find out more about how to do this either personally or on an organisational level please let us know. We would love to support you in creating what it is you truly want.